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Whatever the form, whatever the aim, communicating well means getting a clear, relevant message across, every time.

Your print and web content is there to share key information, to tell your story, to showcase your values. It is your content that first attracts then persuades people; it communicates your identity, your image and creates and deepens the bond with your clients and partners.

Newt tailors your message.

Fine-tuning your messages

Our experienced writers and translators ensure your content says exactly what you want it to say, to the right target audiences.


Multi-language, multi-media writing

Press releases, brochures, event coverage, social media posts etc., our writers – all native speakers – are experienced journalists and translators….

Editorial consultancy

Editorial guidance, chairing editorial meetings, coordinating editorial teams, assistance with search engine optimization…

Translation, rewriting

Our specialised translators are all native speakers who have lived in France for several years. That double profile means they have a thorough grasp of cultural references and linguistic nuances…

The Newts – Team

Caroline Carissoni  (CEO and founder) – French, English, Italian

Gregori Alegi – Italian, English

Shirley Blume – English

Emily Button – English

Vanessa Castaillet-Stone – English, French.

Ester Habas – Spanish, English

Maylis Jean-Preau – French.

Pascal  Nguyên – French.

Ester Habas – Spanish, English,

Jennie Taylor – English.

Newts are very adaptive animals: they are vertebrate amphibians from the Salamandridae family, which includes many different species, living in very diverse environments all over the world. Fast moving, smart and industrious both on land and in water, the newt adapts itself to any environment and excels whatever the conditions!

The team at Newt are experienced journalists and specialised translators. They can put your message into words – be that in English, French, Spanish or Italian – to help you reach all of your target audiences and optimise your communication


I was really impressed with the customer-oriented approach of Caroline Carissoni and her team – their linguistic and editorial skills were a valuable boost to our internal and external communication media, both in print and online format. Having access to high-quality content in several languages – all written to the same high standards – and/or organising an interview to produce content for several platforms proved truly effective for a structure such as ours.”

Stéphanie Henrion

Head of Press and Editorial, ATR

Our working relationship with Caroline Carissoni is exemplary, and we are 100% satisfied with the result.
I would not hesitate to recommend Caroline and her team to any business.”

Palmira Rotolo

Head of Communication, ATR

Throughout our time together at Milan Presse, Caroline Carissoni proved her immense talent as a journalist. She was extremely thorough when it came to searching for information and excelled at grasping the essence of a subject and bringing it to life. Caroline was consistently responsive and precise regarding her choices. Furthermore, she taught me a lot about journalistic writing styles and how to popularise a topic.”

Catherine Ganet - Menguy

Journalist 1jour1actu, groupe Milan-Bayard


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