Our Team

What’s a newt?

Newts are very adaptive animals: they are vertebrate amphibians from the Salamandridae family, which includes many different species, living in very diverse environments all over the world. Fast moving, smart and industrious both on land and in water, the newt adapts itself to any environment and excels whatever the conditions! .

And what’s Newt Production?

Newt Production is a multilingual editorial agency that will help you reach all your target audiences and optimise your global communication. General communication, technical documents, press reports, brochures, web news and much more… Newt Production works with journalists and specialised translators to write or adapt your messages in English, French, Spanish, Italian…

The Team

Caroline Carissoni

French, Italian, English (writing- French; translation into French)

Caroline Carissoni, CEO and founder of Newt Production. Caroline is a journalist and multimedia producer, previously editor-in-chief in the written press. She has more than 25 years experience in journalism, during which she has produced and supervised many multilingual media projects. Today, she focuses on bringing together the people to build editorial content tailored to different audiences. At Newt Production, Caroline uses her expertise in multilingual, multicultural editorial creation to the full. With a cosmpolitan team of professionals , she coordinates projects in English, Spanish, Italian and of course French, always tailored to their target audiences, linguistically and culturally.

Gregory Alegi – Italian, English

Writing – Italian and English; translation from and to both languages and from French.

Vanessa C. Stone – English, French

Writing – English and French; translation – both directions.

Pascal Nguyên – French (writing)

Shirley Blume – English

Writing – English; translation French to English.

Ester Habas – Spanish, English, French, Italian

Writing – Spanish; translation into Spanish from French, English and Italian.

Simona Pizzuti – Italian, French, English

Writing – Italian, French; Translation from and to both languages and from English.

Emily Button – English

Writing – English; translation French to English.

Maylis Jean-Preau – French (writing)

Jennie Taylor – English, 

Writing – English; translation French to English.